Creative Art, by Marco Nobili

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Creative Art, by Marco Nobili


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Author Marco Nobili has mentioned the work of Creative Art Engravers Company in previous publications and decided to write a book on them because they are some of the finest engraving artists in the world who work for the best gun makers in the world. Purdey, Rigby, Bosis, Beretta, Gamba, Piotti, Galazan, Rizzinni, Ferlib, Hartman & Weiss, McCay Brown, A & S, Benelli, Daniel Frasier and Browning…and the list goes on and on. the author explains how engraving was born and goes into the different techniques that can be used for different effects from Fantasy to Bulino, Rose & Scroll to Game Scene & Goddess of the Hunt. The library of a fine gun enthusiast is not complete without this book.


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