Pistol Laser Blast Pro Package

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The Pistolero PistoLaser is a patented indoor laser practice system for pistol and revolver shooters with the sole purpose of improving your shooting skills through repetitive practice. You use your own guns, in your own home, and the system is easy to use and affordable, with no computers required.  This system includes the laser pro that projects a red laser target to help practice with a moving target.  This system includes all calibers available, .22. .357/9mm, .40, .44 and .45. 

This system also includes the Bullseye Blast which is a pistol target that reacts to the laser light form you PistolLaser.  When the target is hit you can hear and see results.  Please watch the video for a full demonstration. 

Here is a link to a video that goes over all the different options, but remember all options are not included with every system.  Click here for Video. 


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