Pistol Laser Practice System

Pistol Laser Practice System


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The Pistolero PistoLaser is
a patented indoor laser practice system for pistol and revolver shooters with
the sole purpose of improving your shooting skills through repetitive practice.
You use your own guns, in your own home, and the system is easy to use and
affordable, with no computers required.  The 
 consists of a laser that you put in your gun barrel (5
calibers are available depending on the gun you want to use) and a connecting
wire with either a finger ring or a microswitch that attaches to the trigger.
When you touch the ring or press the switch, the laser fires. You can see
exactly where you’re hitting the target. Check out the Pistolero Motion
Shooter for practicing on moving targets.
One caliber is included in the purchase please choose from the drop down
menu.  Additional calibers can be purchased for $25 each.

Here is a link to a video that goes over all the different options, but
remember all options are not included with every system.  
Click here for Video.

Please pick the caliber you would like from the
drop down menu.  They are available in .22, 357/9mm, .40, .44 and

If you would like additional calibers please choose the number you would like,
when placing the order please list the calibers you would like in
the comments section on the order form.  

Picture shows Pistolero with all available calibers-actual product will vary depending on the options chosen.  


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